Best Emergency Radio by Hammacher Schlemmer

Best Emergency Radio by Hammacher Schlemmer

An Emergency Radio is a must for an emergency kit, and Hammacher Schlemmer says they have the best one.

Unfortunately natural disasters are becoming more frequent than we would like, so the only thing we can do is be as prepared as we can be. One very important device to have in our emergency kit in an emergency Radio, but not just any emergency radio, the Best emergency radio from Hammacher Schelmmer. It is available now and it is only going to set you back US$69.95.

Best Emergency Radio by Hammacher Schlemmer

Just by cranking the emergency radio for now minute, it is able to give you 65 minutes of power. Analysts found its metal gears and 3 1/2″ long aluminum handle turned more smoothly than lesser radios with plastic gears and stubby cranks. It also features an AM/FM Radio and a LED flashlight in the handle switches to a flashing red warning beacon with a twist of a dial. It has a clock with alarm, a headphone jack, and can charge a cell phone or USB device.

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