12-Person Party Chat Limit on Xbox One

Party chat limit goes from 8 to 12 for Xbox One

Ask and you shall receive. That is what Xbox One gamers did and now they will be able to enjoy a 12-person party chat limit. The limit use to be 8, but thanks to the feedback Microsoft got, that limit has been increased. As of today, everyone gets access to 12-person party chat on Xbox One App on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Increasing the number of the maximum people allowed in the party chat received over 2,200 votes and that was obviously enough to get Microsoft┬┤s attention. Remember, this is not going to be a visible update and Microsoft said that the change has been made server side. The update will just work as if it has always been there.

There are also come new features coming out to Xbox One preview members and they will be able to enjoy and test them out before they hit the general public. The new features include improved Game DVR experience, animated avatars, chat communication options, updated menu for faster access to common actions and access to new settings in guide.

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