16 Reasons Why Android Smartphones are Better than the iPhone

16 Reasons why Android Smartphones are BETTER than the iPhone.

While Apple announces that the sales for the iPhone have reached record sales of 74,5 MILLION iPhone´s sold during the last 3 months, the iPhone vs. Android rivalry remains. It is a never ending battle and it is something that still hasn´t convinced the rest of the smartphone users.

Even though the iPhone are selling like ¨hot cakes¨, there are still many reason why smartphones with Android will continue to the Best. Some of these reasons are very well known and legendary, and others are recent that will continue to appear with each update.


16 reaons why Android smartphones are better than the iPhone


Here are the 16 reasons why Android Smartphones are Better than the iPhone.


#1 Personalization

  • Android smartphones have an unlimited amount of apps that are capable of completely Personalizing the appearance of our smartphones. It can change the UI, add a large amount of Widgets to the starting display, among many other options.
  • The iPhone CAN´T,… you can´t reach this level of personalization with the iPhone.


#2 Storage


  • Android smartphones gives us the option of Expanding its storage with easy and cheap MicroSD Cards. We can double, triple and even quadruple its original storage.
  • Can´t do that with the iPhone, since you will ALWAYS have the same amount of storage you bought your iPhone with. This is something that iPhone are sadly going to have to get use to.


#3 Battery Charging


  • When it is time to charge an Android Smartphone´s battery, this phone can be charge using any cable o connection USB.
  • CAN´T do that with the iPhone. It needs ¨its¨ special cable and ¨its¨ special connection in order to charge the battery.


#4 Replacing the Battery


  • In time, the batteries found on Android smartphones start to fail, this can be Easily replaced by any user, by simply buying, taking out the old battery and installing the new battery. It´s that easy.
  • CAN´T do that with the iPhone.

#5 Remote Control


  • A lot of Android smartphones_like the HTC One, Galaxy S5, LG G3, among other_, can be used as remote controls for TV´s, home appliances and devices.
  • CAN´T do that with the iPhone.


#6 Visualization and Saving Files


  • When you connect an Android Smartphone to your PC, you can see the files in their respective folders. You can copy, paste or easily drag any image, video or file from the smartphone to your computer.
  • CAN´T do that with an iPhone, since it doesn´t doesn´t give you such easy access to all its files.


#7 Music and Pictures


  • On an Android smartphone, it doesn´t matter where your songs are or where your pictures come from. You can reproduce, copy, save it wherever and however you want.
  • CAN´T do that on an iPhone, since you always (even more with iOS 8) ¨have to¨ use iTunes if you want to add music to your iPhone. If you want to save the pictures you took with your iPhone to your computer, you will have to use the iPhoto software.


#8 Downloading and Installing Apps


  • When you want to look for and install Android apps, you can do so directly from your browser and from Google Play. Since its allows you to download them directly to your phones from the website.
  • CAN´T do that with your iPhone, since you can´t download them from the web, you are ¨obligated¨ to use iTunes or the App Store, so you can there start to download them and install them.


#9 Open and See Multiple Apps at the Same Time


  • On some Android Smartphones_like the LG Smartphones_, you can open and see multiple apps simultaneously  in separate windows. You can also easily change their dimensions and transparency.
  • CAN´T do that with an iPhone


#10 Maps


  • Android Smartphones feature Google Maps as default.
  • The iPhone doesn´t, it doesn´t allow you to set Google Maps as your default maps service.


#11 Security


  • Android smartphones have multiple security systems to block and unblock the smartphone. For example, you have security codes, fingerprint readers, Among others.
  • The iPhone only the first two while Android has many more.


#12 The Notifications are always visible


  • Android smartphones always have their notifications Visible and Easy to read on the upper part of the display.
  • Sorry iPhone, you don´t do that.


#13 Clock and Alarm


  • When we set the alarm on the Android smartphones, we can see the countdown. We can see the hours and the minutes until the alarm sounds.
  • Quess what! ,…The iPhone CAN´T do that, so their users will have to just guess how much time until the alarm rings (crossing their fingers that they did the math right).


#14 Price



  • A lot of the Android smartphones with some of the best specifications on the market are at reasonable prices.
  • NOT the iPhone, even with inferior specs, amazingly it is still VERY expensive.


#15 Various User Accounts

  • Even though this point isn´t directly for the iPhone, it does involve iOS, where ib this Android Vs. Apple, we have a clear winner. Android tablets have the advantage that the user can create multiple accounts so, the whole family can use one tablet. This way only the user can see their information and not someone else´s.
  • The iPad DOESN´T offer its users this option.


#16 (Pending…)


This last section of the 16 reasons why Android smartphones are better than the iPhone, I have decided to leave it free. The last reason will completely comes from you, from your suggestions and comments. I trust that the opinions will vary a lot. Let the commenting begin!.

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