2 Extensions and 1 App for Gmail You Should Already Have

With these 2 Chrome extensions and this app, you will save time and be more productive.

There are so many extensions and apps that can help us to be more productive, but the problem is that we might not have the time to go looking for them. That is why I have looked for them for you, so you can keep on doing what matters most to you.

The first extension you should have is Open Compose Window for Gmail. This extension is going to prevent you from getting distracted with with all those new eMail in your inbox, when all you have to do is just send a quick eMail. Thanks to this extension you can write an eMail without having to actually go to your Gmail account.

3 extensiones utiles para gmail

The Rapportive app is going to give you more information on those who send you eMails. If you have ever received eMails from people you don´t know, this is an app you want to be using.

With this app you will see the person´s picture, name, where they are, their job, company, LinkedIn profile and the contacts both of you share. You can add this app just by going to rapportive.com.

The second Chrome extension you should already have is Google Offline for Gmail. You never know when you might not have access to the Internet for some reason and this way you can still write those important eMails you need to write before you forget or just don´t have time to write them.

The eMails you write, are synchronized as soon as an Internet connection is found, so you can write and forget. With this extension you can save some valuable time, and get things done on time.I will keep on searching for for apps and extensions that will save you time and keep you organized, so remember to keep coming back.

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