2 Killed in FoxConn Explosion in China

FoxConn Explosion in Chengdu, China, is so big that it kills two and injures other, some seriously.

Things are just not picking up for FoxConn, first they had 14 suicides in 16 months and advised their employees to sign an anti-suicide pledge and now this. A huge explosion has taken the lives of two people and injured 16 some which are seriously injured. The explosion has occurred around 7pm local time and has occurred in the A5 building where the iPad 2 happens to be made.

No foul play was involved and 10 fire engines and cop cars were on the scene. Everything seems under control for now but hopefully we will soon hear more information on what caused the explosion since nothing is being said on even a possible cause. Here is a video that shows what the scene was like for those who lived it.

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