24 KT Gold PS3 Slim Now Available

The 24 KT Gold PS3 Slim is now available. Continue reading to discover its price and other goodies.

About 99.9% of the world probably has their very own PS3 Slim but I bet you might not have it covered in gold. Seriously, there is a PS3 Slim covered in 24kt gold and it is now available, just in time for the holidays.  With this PS3 Slim you will receive two controllers (optional personalized engraving on each)and your choice of a custom plated or anodized PS3 logo. This is not a PS3 Slim you would want to take to your friends house over the weekend, if you know what I mean.

Other goodies that come with the 24 kt gold PS3 Slim is a full one year warranty from Computer-Choppers. Here comes the part you have probably been thinking about the whole time, its price.

24kt-ps3-1-If for some reason you want a PS3 Slim covered in 24 kt gold then it can be all your for $5,000.00 but if that is not enough for you and you want more bling then just wait a few weeks when the 24kt Gold & Diamonds model comes out in a few weeks.

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