25 Year Old Indian Man Electrocuted to Death by Imitation Smartphone

Man in India electrocuted while using his Shanzai phone and sadly does not survive the injuries caused.

Deaths are obviously nothing to be happy about but unfortunately there is one more family suffering the loss of a loved one and all because of a Shanzai phone. Not all countries are able to enjoy every single smartphone that comes out and because of that, they have to turn to “Made in China” phones that are not always very well made. These kind of phones are obviously very unstable and, it is just sad that 25-year-old Dhanji Damor, was one of the unlucky ones that have to die electrocuted.

Imitation Smartphones

He was trying to make a call while his phone was still being charged and when he tried to make that call, well, you know the rest. After he was electrocuted he was obviously rushed to the hospital but all doctors could do was pronounced him dead. This is a reminder to us all that we have to take the necessary precautions when it comes to phone safety, as boring as it may sound, its for out safety. One more thing, to those who make these imitation phones, we all know that you are not going to stop making imitations but at least try to make them a little more safer to use.

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