2K Sports Offers $1 Million for The Perfect Game in MLB2K10

Win $1 Million for pitching the perfect game in 2K Sports upcoming MLB2K10. UD$1 Million for the perfect baseball game.

What some companies will do in order to draw attention to their videogames. If you want drastic changes then you are going to have to take drastic measures, from the looks of it that is what 2K Sports is doing by offering a $1 Million reward to the first gamer that pitches a perfect game and just in case you are not much of a baseball fan, but are interested in the reward, you pitch a perfect game when you do not allow the opposing team to get on base for the entire 9 innings.

Since only 16 perfect games have been recorded, 2Ksports thought that  it could be the perfect opportunity, to draw attention to their game but making it as difficult as possible for the final price to be achieved. 2K Sports adds a more realistic pitching model in the game 2K sports tries to draw our attention, and to avoid any wrong doing the authorities are involved.

The consoles that you are able to win this serious cash with are PS3 and Xbox 360 but remember that you have to do it before May 2nd, 2010. You are able to pre-order MLB2K10 now but it will not in stores until March 2nd. We will keep you informed as more details about the $1 Million dollar perfect pitching game.

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