The 3 Latest Games About Luis Suárez´Bite

Biteman, The Bite and Cannibal are the latest games that have been created making fun of the Uruguayan Soccer star.

Even if you are not a Soccer fan, you have probably already heard of the latest bite of Luis Suárez, the Uruguayan Soccer player. This is not the first time he has done this and has evaded a punishment until now. But even though he has his punishment, that doesn´t mean that some creative minds are not going to create funny games recreating the famous bite.


Los 3 Nuevos Juegos Sobre la Mordida de Luis Suárez2


#1 Biteman


The 3 Latest Games About Luis Suárez´Bite


In this game, Pac-Man is replaced by Suárez and instead of eating dots he eats soccer players. The sunglasses you see in the game are to blind the referee and be able to eat him. If the referee with the red card catches up to you, your have a muzzle put on you.


#2 The Bite


The 3 Latest Games About Luis Suárez´Bite


In The Bite game, you have to use the space bar in order bite as many time as you can the player that is beside you. But be careful when the referee has a question mark on top of him because that means that he suspects of foul play. If he see you biting the Italian player, you will be thrown out of the game.


#3 Cannibal


The 3 Latest Games About Luis Suárez´Bite


In the Cannibal game, you are no longer Luis Suárez and now you turn into the Italian player that has to defend himself from the doggy Suárez that bites. You will need to use the arrows on you keyboard to move around and avoid being bitten but if you can´t avoid Suárez, just left click on your mouse and shoot a soccer ball at him.

On the upper left hand corner you will see how much blood supply you have left, so make sure that you are not bitten to many times if you want to stay alive.

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