3C Rope Skipping – Charge Your Gadgets While Exercising

Concept of a pen like device that takes our energy and transforms it into energy for our gadgets. Latest futuristic technology.

I have to confess that I need to sign up for the gym. Its not a weight issue not you know that us bloggers exercise our fingers more than anything and at least half an hour of exercise is a positive thing. When we use our iPod for example at the gym besides hearing our favorite tunes may think that we hope that the battery doesn’t die, but if we could charge our gadgets with the exercise we do..Hmmm…interesting. The 3C Rope Skipping concept could help us out with that if at the end it sees the light of day.

We all remember the Copenhagen conference that took place a little while back and one of the major concerns at the conference was the batteries that us humans produce and when we throw them away. I am really hoping that this concept hits store shelves as soon as possible, so we can help out the earth a little. There have been devices created to help out such as the Copenhagen wheel and the Nokia Coca Cola Phone and now we have the 3C Rope Skipping.

In order to charge the 3C Rope Skipping device you are going to have to jump like you have never jumped before..JK..all you have to do is use it as a jump rope and while you were jumping the internal battery was being charged and at the end you end up with a charged battery and  shown through a display how many calories you have burned.

The 3C Rope Skipping has the form of a pen and the faster we jump the faster it charges but if you are like me and get tired after 5 minutes then it is better to have a nice and steady rate. As I have mentioned earlier that the 3C Rope Skipping pen is only a concept and it is for that reason there is no information of its pricing and when we might be able to see it in stores.

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