4 Free Services that Offer Temporary Email Addresses

Tired of having to change your email address because of a spam invasion? How about using these services that offer temporary Email addresses.

Many of us have probably had to change more than once our Email addresses because of a spam invasion. When we want to try out a web app, we usually have to give an email address and for some reason we actually give them our real Email addy and before we know it we are receiving newsletter for services we haven´t used in a while. So, Once we have changed our Email addy and have a fresh start, you might want to try out these services that give and Email address that can be as short term as 10 minutes to 24 hours or more.

The first service you can try is called (1) Maildrop. This service has an anti-spam feature and the only thing you have to do in order to get started is to think of name for your new email addy. You won´t need to introduce any password or have to give any type of personal information. There are some restrictions such as not being able to send an Email bigger than 100k, maximum of ten messages and if you don´t receive an Email within 24 hours, Maildrop will close your account.

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You can also count on (2) YOPmail and just like the other service, you just have to create the name you want your addy to have and you are good to go. This service also provides browser extension for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera, and that way you can access you account in seconds. The emails that you will receive will only be saves for 8 days and then will be deleted.

(3) 10MinuteMail is another service that give you an email address that is only going to be valid for 10 minutes. No need to think of a name here since it is created for you. With this service you will only be able to receive emails and not send them which is great if you want to try a web app that first wants you to confirm your email address before granting you access. (4) Melt Mail is another great options since you can choose how long you would like your temporary Email addy to last. You can choose between 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours. Here you make up your email addy instead of the service creating it for you. Enjoy!

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