4 FREE XBox Games in August with Gold

In August MotoCross Madness, Dishonored, Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut and Crimson Dragon are FREE.

If you are a Games with Gold member, you are definitely waiting to find out what games you are going to be getting for free in August. The games listed above are the game that you will be able to get your hands on next month but all of the games are not going to be available at once.


Microsoft Regala 4 Viedojuegos en Agosto1


You will definitely have fun with Crimson Dragon since it is a really fast paced shooter game that takes place in a great fantasy world where up to 3 players can join you. In Strike Suite Zero you turn into a pilot that has to fight in dangerous space battles. In this game you can either choose a small battle or go for the big one.

The free games that can be played on XBox Ones are going to be available from August 1st to the 31st b. The XBox 360 are going to be available in different date, one in the first 2 weeks and the other in the last two weeks of the month.


Microsoft Regala 4 Viedojuegos en Agosto


MotoCross Madness is going to be available from August 1st to the15th and it is the perfect game for those who love the classic dirt track racer where you can perform tricks and get through obstacles. In the 2nd half of the month Dishonored is going to be available, so remember that August starts this Friday.

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