4K Smartphone by Samsung (Rumor)

QHD displays aren´t standard yet, but Samsung might be jumping ahead to 4K.

When we buy a smartphone, the standard resolution for them is Full HD, but if we want something better, we look for a smartphone with QHD. We would love to have a smartphone with a 4K resolution, but we are use to seeing them on TVs, not smartphones. That is something Samsung might be interested in changing, since there are rumors that indicate that the company is working on a 4K smartphone.


resolución 4K en smartphones


If that is something Samsung wants to do, hopefully they are also working on one very powerful battery to support such high resolution. I don´t think they want their users to have to charge their phones every few hours.

Rumors say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might be the lucky smartphone to feature the 4K resolution, but it might be hard to believe since the Galaxy S6 is said to feature a QHD resolution.The Note 5 is also said to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 64-bit chipset and of course, the possible 4K resolution. Time will tell where all of this ends, but a 4K smartphone would be great, don´t you think?

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