5 Best Alternatives to Spotify

If Spotify is the only music streaming service you  know about, read on to discover 5 alternatives.

Many people only use Spotify to satisfy their music streaming needs because they might not know that there are other alternatives. They probably don´t have the time or strength to look for them, so we went along and looked for them so you didn´t have to.


5 Alternatives to Spotify

Spool.fm is the perfect option for those users who don´t necessarily need a complex system of music streaming or need an app installed in every one of their devices. All the user is looking for is a website where he or she can search for a certain kind of music, drag the results to the designated area and just start listening. Spool.fm does not have an app for for smartphones.


5 Alternatives to Spotify

Deezer is all about alternatives. Don´t bother searching for the latest music you hear on the radio since you are not going to find it here. This music streaming service takes on the challenge of finding alternatives to the music you already know and the genre you like. Great choice if you are searching for new rhythms and you can enjoy Deezer.com from any computer, tablet, smartphone, XBox, Tv, Etc.


5 Spotify Alternatives

Musicovery has a new unique way of working since everything starts with you clicking on an image that reveals what mood you are in or the music you want o hear and the music streaming service will play the music that best fits your needs. But if you are looking for an artist in particular, Musicovery will recommend other artists with a similar style. This music streaming service is available for iOS, Android and obviously the web.


5 Alternatives to spotify

If you are looking for a music streaming service that is just as good as Spotify, how about Grooveshark. This is a multi-platform service and it allows you to listen to your favorite tunes on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Besides listening to the music they have available, you can also upload your own song and share them with other users.


5 Best alternatives to Spoify

With Musiic, you can listen to music in 3 different ways: Desktop, from an app (Android or iOS) and from the web. You can look for an artist in particular or choose from the different channels.

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