5 Year Old Discovers Flaw in XBox Live

Kristofer Von Hassel discovers a flaw that allowed him into his dad account, obviously got free games from Microsoft.

Kristofer is definitely one smart kid since he was able to discover a flaw in XBox Live. He was able to get into his dad account without knowing the password, yup he is that smart. Kris knew that when he did not enter the right password a second window would pop up and when that happened he just pressed the space bar and bam!, he´s inside.

Un Niño de 5 Años Descubre Fallo en XBox Live

Kristofer told his dad about the flaw and since his dad works in Internet Security he immediately contacted and told Microsoft about the problem. As a thank you, Micrososft gave the family 4 free games, XBox Live credit and a one year free subscription to XBox Gold Live. No bad, not bad at all. Time will tell if this little genius finds another error and kind of makes you work to find one yourself if he can do it.

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