64GB iPhones and 128GB iPod Touches

64GB iPhones and 128GB iPod Touches. Improved memory on iPhones and iPod Touch’s.

You have probably said it more than once, ” I wish my iPhone had more memory”. Even if you did get the iPhone with the biggest memory which for the time being is only 32GB in 2010 you are sure to get a very nice surprise. You have probably been wondering why your iPod Touch is capable of storing 64Gb, twice as much as your iPhone.

The reason is that your iPod is capable of storing 2 NAND flash chip’s while the iPhone can only hold one,why? Well, the extra space were we would all like the second chip to go is taken up by its communication software. Now is where Toshiba comes in, since they have launched a single¬† 64 gigabyte (GB) embedded NAND flash memory module. The new chip offers 64GB on a single chip and Toshiba plans of producing them in mass in the first quarter of 2010. This means that your iPhone will now be able to hold 64GB and since your iPod Touch can hold 2 of these chips, it can now have a memory of¬† 128GB. It won’t be long until we see 64GB iPhones and 128GB iPod Touches.

iPod TouchThis is obviously good news and since there are not many days left until 2010, one can’t help but get butterflies in one’s stomach.

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