A Basic 16GB WiFi Only iPad Worth US$1,385

Would you pay over one thousand dollars for a basic WiFi only iPad? Probably not but one country is forced to, which one? Could it be yours?

You may be thinking that for an iPad to be worth this much it must be blingged out, well its not. The iPad I am referring to is your normal iPad. Then why in the world would someone pay US$1,385 for an iPad. First lets take a look at the prices for the iPad in the US. If you want an iPad with only Wifi the prices are the following 16GB (US$499), 32GB (US$599)  and 64GB (US$699). That was the iPad that only features Wifi, the iPad with WiFi and 3G cost 16GB (US$629), 32GB (US$729) and 64GB (US$829).

Just in case you didn’t know, besides China, Apple is also releasing the iPad on September 17th in 5 more countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Argentina at least has to pay US$856 for the  most basic iPad when in the US it is available for US$499….hmmmmm….. that is US$357 more for the same product.

The next model up is the 32GB with only WiFi the US pays US$599 and Argentina pays US$1007.00, ? (US$408 difference) ouch!, next up is the 64GB with only WiFi, US pays US$699 and Argentina pays US$1,183 (US$484 more). One question. Why do you think that Apple could be charging so much more when it is the exact same product?

Now lets take a look at the WiFi and 3G models. If you were to buy the 16GB WiFi+3G iPad in the US , you would pay US$629  but if you but it Argentina you would have to pay US$1083 and yes I am using US dollars and not Argentinean money. So that means you are paying US$454 more for the same iPad. Next we have the 32GB WiFi+3G iPad that in the US sells for US$729, in Argentina it will be available for US$1,234.00, if my calculations are correct, that is a US$505 difference. Finally we have the 64GB WiFi+3G iPad that in the US sells for US$829.00, in Argentina it is going to sell for US$1,385, yes my dear readers, here is the iPad I mentioned in the title, the US$1,385 iPad. Would you pay this much for the same product?

Please, Mr. Jobs, if you come across my article and see this, Why is Apple selling the same product 60% to 70% more expensive than in the US?

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