A One Day Old Pitbull Puppy is Abandoned by its Mother but Nursed Back to Health by…

When Noland, a One day Old Pitbull Puppy was abandoned, his biggest chance of survival didn´t come the Veterinarians but from…….

As an animal lover, it is always a sad moment for me when I hear of an animal being abandoned or mistreated but in Nolands case, there is a happy ending. When Noland was just one day old, he was sadly rejected by his mother for unknown reasons. The he was taken to the Cleveland Animal Protective League but the staff there didn´t see his having very good of surviving without his mother, even with the best care.

“Obviously a 1-day-old puppy, even in the best of circumstances, [the chance of survival] is pretty iffy,” Sharon Harvey, president and CEO of the CAPL, told Yahoo News by phone. “We want to give him every chance we could.”

“They’re a happy family now,” said Harvey.

Noland only had once chance and that was joining a litter of kittens but the staff was worried that the mommy cat woudln´t accept Noland buy bou were they wrong, not only did she accept him but treated him like one more member of her litter. Before anyone rushed to adopt Noland, he is not going to be ready for adoption for a while since he still has quite some growing up to do but I don´t think that Noland is going to have trouble finding a family with the attention he has received.

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