Add a Creative Design to Your Profile Picture with PicBadge

With PicBadge you add a stylish design to your Facebook or Twitter profile picture.

We all want our profile pictures to look as good as possible but not everyone may know how to use those picture editig softwares. If the only thing you are looking for is to add a little style to your profile picture without the hassle of learning how to use aphoto editing software, then you might want to try PicBadges. It is a free OnLine web app that allows you to signin with your Facebook or Twitter account so you can create the perfect PicBadge. The following image will show you what a PicBadge is:


As you can see some have the Apple icon as a PicBadge while another person has the Nike icon. If you want to promote your business or cause, learning how to create a Picbadge is a great step in the right direction. The app is completely free to use and it is available right now. Since privacy is an important matter, you can choose to make you PicBadge account private or public but if you want to learn how ot make your PicBadge account private just go to

You can add a PicBadge to your Twitter and Facebook profile picture and soon you will be able to write messages to your PicBadge adders, raise funds and much more but there is no word as to when those services will be added. You won´t have trouble finding out how to create a PicBadge since there is a huge blue rectangle that says ¨Create a PicBadge¨.

In order to create a PicBadge first you have to choose the style you want your PicBadge to have. Once you have done that you will need to choose a background color, image, and text. You will also be able to add effects to your image and you can either choose to doodle on your PicBadge or type a text. Don´t forget to let us know what you tink of the app!

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