Adobe Emergency Patch for Flash Player Released

Adobe Flash Player vulnerability puts Windows Macs and Linux based computers in danger.

It is enough that computers users have to protect themselves from the dangers we all find on the Internet but also have to deal with these kind of problems? Good thing that the problem Adobe Flash player users had to deal with has been fixed with the patch Adobe had released. The Problem that Flash Player had did not only affect Windows users but it also affected Linux based computers and Mac users.

If you haven´t gotten the patch, you should get it as soon as possible since this vulnerability is a remote code execution problem. The problem is already being taken advantage in the wild so you better get going and download the Adobe Flash Player patch now. The users that need to download the patch for Adobe Flash Player are the one that have the latest versions of Windows such as Windows 8, 8.1 and both RT versions.

Adobe Flash layer Patch

This is a web based exploit so in order to become infected you have to first visit a site where the attacker has installed the malicious code. Microsoft´s advise is that even users that don´t use Internet Explorer for web browsing should get the update. The reason for this piece of advice is that some Microsoft Office apps can trigger Flash Player in Internet Explorer.

If the installation fails or you just don´t want to go through with the update you can0 always disable Adobe Flash Player. In order to do this all you have to do is by setting the kil bit for it in the Windows Registry. If you have installed the new Adobe Flash Player and want to confirm that has been applied correctly, you should see for Windows and Mac but Linux should read

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