Adobe Flash Player 14 Lombard Comes with Bug Fixes and More

Enjoy the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, version 14 a.k.a Lombard that features bug fixes and is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Adobe has been busy working and they definitely have something to show for it, Adobe Flash Player 14 (Lombard). The good news is that this latest Flash player from Adobe is compatible with both Windows and Mac, something that obviously makes everyone happy. With the bug fixes Lombard has, Adobe hopes that its users will have a smooth experience with their multimedia files and have fewer complaints.


Adobe Flash Player 14 Lombard Comes with Bug Fixes and More1


Another great feature users can enjoy on Adobe Flash Player 14 is being able to move content across multiple platforms and security has also been improved so intrusion id less likely. This version is a beta one so you can bet that there will be updates and hopefully in the near future. It may be a beta version but not to worry since you can bet that it is going to be a smooth experience and you will also have the option of using the Anisotropic Filtering. With this feature you will see how the quality of your videos in enhanced by improving the slanting angles on the videos surface.

Stage 3D has also been added and with this developers are going to have it easy when it comes to creating 3D content for us. Flash Player 14 also offers Intel x86 and support for IR using Android and another plus is that it will work just fine in multiple platforms and multiple OS´.

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