Alpine Racing Sled with Shrouded 6 1/2 Inch Spring

The Alpine Racing Sled a racing sled that comes equipped with 6 1/2 Inch Spring to makes going over bumps a lot easier.

Depending on where you live obviously depends if you are going go get snow this Christmas but you can always make that road trip you have been wanting to do all year and head on over to theĀ  mountains with your Alpine Racing Sled. If you decide to get your traditional sled, unless it is mostly a flat surface, then when you go over those bumps your bottom is sure going to suffer but if you had the Alpine Racing Sled maybe when you go home you won’t have to add ice to your gluteus maximus.

The Alpine Racing Sled features a shrouded 6 1/2 Inch Spring that makes going over bumps a lot easier on you. Your Alpine Racing Sled also features polycarbonate seat and the footholds places you 11″ above the ground. With this racing sled you are not going to have to use your feet as a brake since it already includes a handbrake located between the legs that consists of an aluminum claw that grips the snow and ice directly beneath the center of mass of the sled without altering the direction of travel. Remember that the Alpine Racing Sled supports riders up to 220Pounds and it can be all your at for a whopping $899.00.

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