Amazon Fire Phone – Specifications and Pictures

The long awaited Amazon Fire Phone has finally been presented. Keep reading and discover what specs it has.

Amazon has finally revealed its Fire Phone and it comes with features such as a 13MP camera, 4.7 display with a 1280 x 720 resolution and a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.2GHz processor. It is disappointing that it comes with that resolution and not a FULL HD one like other phone in its price range but what is done is done.


Amazon Fire Phone Ha Sido Oficialmente Presentado3


The Amazon Fire Phone also includes Adreno GPU and Amazon´s media services for music and movies. The list doesn´t end there since the new Amazon smartphone also has ASAP that is good for predicting your media needs by keeping on eye on your pre-caches content and habits.


Amazon Fire Phone - Specifications and Pictures


We can´t forget about Kindle´s WhisperSync and the dedicated Windows phone button on the side of the Fire Phone that you can use to activate  the camera. If you press the button twice, you will take your first picture that you can store in Amazon´s Cloud Drive. Don´t worry about filling it up since it has unlimited photo storage.

The Fire Phone also has 2 Dolby Digital Plus speakers, comes with tangle free earbuds, and it also features the companies Mayday support system, where customers can get the help they need 24x7x364.


Amazon Fire Phone - Specifications and Pictures


Another feature you are definitely going yo love is Firefly that can scan things such as a DVD, Book or any other item. You can then buy it Online and have it delivered to your home.  The smartphone is also able to recognize audio, so if you need info on a movie or a TV show, the phone can help you out with that too.

The 5 cameras you see on the front side of the smartphone are for the 3D effect the phone supports but the camera in the center is the one you are going to have to look into for selfies. There is also a tilting feature you can use in the mapping app where all you have to do is tilt the phone in order to see what is just off the phone´s display.


Amazon Fire Phone - Specifications and Pictures


The Amazon Fire Phone measures 139.2 x 66.5 x 8.9, weighs 160g, has a 2400mAH battery and has 285 hours of standby time. If you hate AT&T then I am so sorry since it is going to be exclusively theirs with two prices to choose from. US$199 with a 2 year contract and $649 with no contract and then there is the 64Gb model that will set you back $299 with a contract and $749 without one.

If you act quickly, you can even get 12 months of Amazon Prime for free for 12 months.

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