Amazon Looking to Open Hundreds of Physical Stores

Good Bye Amazon is reportedly looking to open hundreds of physical stores.

If you have always wanted for Amazon to have a physicals stores, then this is your wish coming true. It is nothing official yet, but Amazon is reportedly looking to install themselves in hundreds of physical stores. Amazon could buy off the almost bankrupt RadioShack and install their store there.


Amazon Buying Physical Stores


The Internet giant may still scrap its plans before they actually go for it. Only Amazon knows why them are going to spend more money, pay more taxes, Etc, in a world where almost everything is done online. Like I said before, it is nothing solid, but the info was given by people familiar with the matter.

Who knows, Amazon may start with a few stores and see how that goes, but having a physical store doesn´t sound like a total failure of a plan. What do you think?.

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