Amazon Prime Music Streaming Service Now Available

Amazon has followed in Apple´s foot steps and also has a music streaming service called Prime Music.

It is more than obvious that Amazon is not only good for Online shopping and free shipping since it can now gloat about having its own music streaming service. There were reports that said that Amazon was going to have its own ¨Beats¨ and those reports were definitely true. Amazon´s music streaming service is part of their Prime service that now includes , music, Kindle book library, delivery parks for e-commerce buys and its video on demand service.


Amazon Prime Music - Nuevo Servicio de Música en Streaming 2


It is not all good news since Amazon´s music streaming service is only available in the US but the music service gives its  users an ad free service and access to hundreds of playlists and over a million songs. Another piece of bad news is that Amazon was not able to reach a deal with Universal Music but it was able to sign a deal with Warner and Sony. So, don´t be surprised if you can´t find some important artists.


Amazon Prime Music


If you want to search for a certain album you can always use the Prime Indicator and also look for the acoustic suggestions the service will give you on the right hand menu bar. The Amazon Prime Music service also allows you to share music on Facebook and Twitter. If you are not sure if Amazon´s music service is the one for you, you can always use the 30 day trial.

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