Amazon Sells out of Grand Theft Auto 5

If you pre-ordered your Grand Theft Auto 5, you might not get it as soon as you thought you would.

Looks like things are looking very good for Grand Theft Auto 5 since Amazon has already sold out of the famous game. This is great news since this is happening despite all of the illegal downloads though torrent websites. The game by Rockstar was installed by quite a few XBox 360 users last week and all of them now face bans from Microsoft. The game is scheduled to become available tomorrow but Amazon has to inform their customers that they are waiting on a new stock before they can ship the game.

The message that Amazon gave was that due to the high demand, orders that were places on September 13th are going to be shipped as soon as they get some new inventory in. Grand Theft Auto 5 has a price tag of 170€ which  makes it the most expensive game ever developed. This is just Amazon´s case but if one starts hunting for the game elsewhere, I think there are good chances that you will find it. Are you one of many that are effected by this? If so, we would like to read what you have to say.

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