Android receives fix for crash that left the Wi-Fi unprotected

The flaw that made it vulnerable all networks Wi-Fi modern won a security fix on Android this Monday (6), as promised by Google. The update that fixes the loopholes in the WPA2 protocol is in the patch of November and has already started to be released by the manufacturers.

Google says that the partners of Android have been notified of the correction in the last month, when the KRACK became public. In addition, the source codes will be released in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) in the next 48 hours. The smartphones Pixel, which are updated by Google, are already receiving the patch.

And if you do not have a Pixel? In general, the manufacturers are not clear about the policy of releasing security patches of Android.

Samsung is in the front, with a dedicated page for the patches monthly Android. The company has already started to make the correction KRACK on their smartphones and tablets, but the update also depends on the version of your device: if you use a ROM of the operator, for example, it can take (much) longer to get.

The LG also has a page to inform about the monthly updates of Android, valid for the G series (G5 and G6), V (V10, V20, and V30), Q (Q6 and Q8), and X (X300, X400, X500, and X cam), making it clear that “depending on the regions and carriers, the updates may be released monthly, quarterly, or irregularly”. However, LG still has not released the corrections of KRACK for any appliance.

Motorola does not disclose information about the Android updates since 2016, when he left to commit the patches in monthly security.

If you do not receive the fix on the Android, it is still possible to stay protected with a firmware update of the router — however, there is no guarantee that a model of router will receive an update, nor to know if a third party equipment is up to date.

Android receives fix for crash that left the Wi-Fi unprotected

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