Android Wear Oreo limited background processes to save battery

The Android Wear has arrived this year to version 2.0 with some nice features, such as a Play Store on your wrist to install apps, and support Android Pay. Meanwhile, the next update will bring only minor improvements.

The main highlight of the Android Wear Oreo (API 26) is in the battery consumption. It will have greater restrictions on the services in the background, so that the autonomy of the clocks is larger.

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LG Watch Sport

According to Google, “developers should assume that the services will not be able to run in the background without a notification visible”. In addition, Android Wear will reduce the frequency with which an app can update the user’s location.

The system will also win notification channels, such as the Oreo’s in smartphones and tablets. An example: you could release an app of news to send alerts about the technology, but block any thing about politics. This can be controlled directly on the clock.

The Android Wear Oreo is in betaand can be downloaded only on LG Watch Sport or in the emulator. This will be the only version of the tests.

Unfortunately for Google, Android Wear has had difficulty in becoming popular. He is in third place in sales, with 18% of the market. According to Strategy Analytics, Apple is in first place (51%); followed by Tizen, Samsung (23%).

In addition, the platform has been abandoned by partners such as Samsung, Asus and Motorola. The main models released recently are from brands such as Tag Heuer, Montblanc and Fossil; the latter makes watches for brands such as Diesel, Emporio Armani and Marc Jacobs.

With information: Google, SlashGear.

Android Wear Oreo limited background processes to save battery

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