Angry Birds Go! – The Birds Take the Wheel

If you just can´t get enough of those famous birds then you will be happy to know that Rovio is planning on launching a Kart version of Angry Birds, Go!.

The Angry Birds are back and this time they have a license, may god have mercy on us all, ha ha. Rovio has announced that they are working on a new Angry Birds game called Angry Birds Go!. Very little is know about the game such as how many players can participate in one race or if there are going to be new birds to choose from. The new smartphone game is definitely something we have all been waiting for but hopefully the Rovio announcement would have come with more info.

Even though Rovio has not said anything, it is practically a sure thing that Angry Birds Go! is going to be available on Android and iOS. A price tag for Angry Birds Go! has not been mentioned either but I think it is going to be around US$199 or so since we are not talking about a spankin´new game rather a different version of an already existing game. Rovios has also presented a video with their efforts as to the field work they went through for the game and how unsuccessful it was until the light bulb finally turned on.

In Angry Birds Go! both evil pigs and Angry Birds are going to compete against each other and hopefully the evil pigs will get what they deserve. If you go to the Angry Birds site, you will see a teaser for the game where you hear the typical beeps that indicate that a race is about to begin and after a few seconds all you see is a cloud of dust followed  by a bunch of feathers. That is all Rovio wants us to see for now but hopefully they will want us to see more soon. Looking forward to the game?


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