Apple Announces Black Friday 2009 Sale

Apple’s Black Friday Ads have been released and they are getting ready to give big discounts on their iPods and their Macs, according to rumors going around.

Black Friday 2009, it is just 4 days away, not counting today, and we just want that day to come so we can get our hands on all those discounts and max out our credit cards. Apple was not going o be left behind of course, they too have their annual Black Friday Sale and they have already begun to distribute this years teaser as you can see in the above picture.

There have been rumors going around that Apple this year is going to be giving substantial discounts on iPods and Macs this year but lets just hope that they turn out to be true since Apple does not have the tendency to be that generous on their discounts. In previous years Apple has participated in this Black Friday One day sales and they have done so at their Apple stores as well as the on-line Apple Store. Lets just hope that if we are going to get up at 5am that we are able to at least get one things that we have always wanted or have been wanting to  get.

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