Apple App Store Will Give Away Free Apps for its 5th Anniversary

Apple sure knows how to party since for the Apps store 5th anniversary Apple plans on giving away free apps.

When the App store opened, it only had 500 apps. That obviously seems very little if you compare it the amount of apps it has now. 5 Years have passed since the App Store was first launched and in order to celebrate those 5 years, Apple is going to be giving away free apps for its users to enjoy. For now there is no list as to what apps we can get our hands on  but maybe Apple will make that list available tomorrow.

Users will be able to get 5 games and 5 apps. Users can get tittle such as “Barefoot World Atlas” teaches users about the world through an interactive globe; “Day One” offers a place to journal; “How to Cook Everything;” “Over,” and “Traktor DJ for iPhone” round out the free apps. The games are “Badland,” “Infinity Blade II,” “Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP,” “Tiny Wings” and “Where’s My Water?”Its a good idea to start thinking what Apps you would like to have and see if those apps and games are available for download.

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