Apple Buys Beats for 2.6 Billion Dollars

Dr. Dre is one happy man since Apple bought his 8 year old creation for 2.6 Billion dollars.

Apple went shopping and only spent 2.6 Billion in cash and another 400 Million in stock options. What did they buy? Well, Beats that´s what. Now with this purchase Apple´s music lineup will improve since they will be able to add a subscription service to their Internet radio and online store.


Apple Compra Beats por 3 Mil Millones de Dólares


The purchase is not final just yet since Apple still has to wait for some regulatory approval that should be a final on the companies fiscal 4th quarter, late September. You can bet that Apple wants to turn Beat Music Streaming Service into a real Spotify competitor but they they have to be patient since Beats only has 111,000 subscribers and Spotify has 40 Million.


Apple Buys Beats


By buying Beats Apple will enjoy the 30-40% of winnings the headphone side of the company gives and Beats Music streaming service will continue to be available on Windows Phone, Anroid and iOS.

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