Apple Denied Permission to Sue Bankrupted Kodak

A New York Judge has denied Apple the opportunity to sue Kodak over certain patents, so now what Apple?

There is finally some good news for Kodak since Apple is not going to be able to sue them, as if things weren’t bad enough. Looks like Apple might have to sit and moan about its apparent lose. Judge Allan Gropper was the one looking into the matter in Kodak’s Chapter 11 proceedings in a Manhattan U.S. District Court, and he basically shot down Apple’s request on Thursday to sue Kodak. Apple claims that Kodak is violating patents that belong to Apple when in regards to their digital cameras, digital photo frames and printers.


It is pretty obvious what Kodak is going to to with their patents, Sell them of course and they plant to do so for as much as 2.6 Billion dollars, yes that with a “B”. Apple is not going to stay with what the judge told them and is planning on filing a complaint with the ITC since Apple feels it is the owner of some of the patents Kodak plans to sell. Apple has argued that it has rights to the patent as the technology defined in the patent was developed when Kodak and Apple were working together on the QuickTake. Kodak has denied Apple’s claims to any ownership.

If Apple goes through with anything else we will definitely let you know but could things get any worse for kodak?

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