Apple Donates 2.5 Million Dollars for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Apple also wants to help too and does so with over 2 Million dollars in one huge donation.

Every bit of money helps to help those who have lost everything in the worst storm to hit the Unites States. Samsung, a few days back, also made a donation but it was for 3 Million dollars and with future donations to come. If you add these two sums up, it is some serious cash and people will finally be able to get the help the help they need but hopefully, Apple can make a bigger donation later.

Apple also launched a page in the iTunes Store for generous and kind-hearted people to pledge their donations. The $2.5 million is going to go to the American Red Cross to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims. Apparently Apple employees, together with its customers, have raised thousands of dollar for the relief effort. There is no doubt that the donations are going to continue from all sides and those affected will get back on their feet.

Apple Donates 2.5 Million Dollars for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Apple’s charitable giving has increased under CEO Tim Cook. In February, Cook revealed that the company had given a total of about $150 million to charity, a large number, but a small fraction of the electronic giant’s approximately $117 billion in cash it had on hand, as of this summer.

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