Apple Presents iOS 8 and The Changes that Come With it

Apple has their annual WWDC in San Francisco and presented the latest update to the iPhone OS, iOS 8.

Here we are talking about Apple and their WWDC again. This time the tech giant has presented iOS 8 and all the changes that come with it. The changes that we are going to find in iOS 8 are not as huge as the changes we saw in IOS 7 but improvements are improvements. The Notifications are smarter now since you can respond to them from whatever app you may be using at the moment you received the notification.


Apple Presenta iOS 8 y Mandar Mensajes de Textos No Volverán a ser los Mismos1


Let´s say you are in the Twitter app, you can respond directly from there and not have to leave Twitter in order to respond. If a notification appears on the lock screen and you just don´t feel like dealing with it, just flick it up and away it goes. If you double tap, you will be able to see the people you talk to the most and you will also see the apps you have open.

You will also see changes to the Mail App as well since you can now mark your unread eMails and eliminate them with just one gesture. If you swipe down on a message you are composing, you will be able to see the rest of you inbox.

iOS 8


QuickType was also introduced and this is a feature many are going to appreciate since it could spell the end for those annoying auto-corrector errors. As we type we will get suggestions for what we could type next and in time, QuickType will learn from us. Lets say we are talking to our spouse, QuickType will only suggest words that we only use with him or her and not with everyone else.


iOS 8

There are also improvements to group messaging since you can now add a name to your group texting threads and remove or add people from group texts. Users can now mute a certain thread or leave a group messaging thread. You can also tell your friends where you are by using messages that show your location for as long as you want to.

You can also send a video, audio, or if you prefer photo messages directly from iMessage. With Family Sharing you can synchronize up to 6 devices and share information, files and even a credit card number if you want. This way, kids will be able to ask their parents for permission before buying an app or something else. Excited about iOS 8?

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