Apple Watch – Specs and What The World Thinks of It

Discover what the Apple iWatch can do for you and what opinion everyone has of it.

Apple finally presented the iWatch but it looks like it is not getting the praises that we all thought it would get. Apple fans obviously say that it is revolutionary and that they will definitely be getting one but everyone else is basically saying that Apple just copies Samsung. Lets take a look at what the Apple Watch can do and after let us know what you think of it.


Apple iWatch - Specs and What The World Think of It1


The Apple iWatch comes in three different editions, the Watch, Watch Sport and the Watch Edition. Apple obviously thinks about the comfort of those who use their product and that is why the iWatch will automatically adjust the time when daylight savings time kicks in so you won´t have to.

The Apple iWatch also offers you the possibility to add numerous watch faces and add specialized functions to most faces. You can program the iWatch to show stock quotes, weather updates and much more.


Apple iWatch - Specs and What The World Think of It


The three models mentioned earlier will be available in 2 sized 38mm and 42mm for men and women. We are also going to have 6 different strap options and 6 material finishes/Colors. The materials you can choose from are Silver Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Space Black Stainless Steel, 18-Karat Rose Gold and Space Grey Aluminum.

If you want the Steel options, remember that it is only available for the Watch Sport and the Watc edition exclusively has the gold and brown color. The Apple Watch features no ports so it looks like the data transfer will be done wirelessly.


Apple iWatch - Specs and What The World Think of It


On the back panel of the iWatch we are going to find sensors that will be used by the health apps and those sensors are also going to guide the Magsafe wireless charger. The display feature Sapphire Glass but unfortunately there is no word on the resolution of the display.

The iWatch (all models) are water resistant but not waterproof, remember that there is a great difference between the two. For some strange reason Apple didn´t think it was necessary to reveal info on the battery life but hopefully they will soon.


Apple iWatch - Specs and What The World Think of It


It was not clearly announced what OS was used in the Apple Watch but it looks like it is some kind of form of iOS.  You can also choose a large variety of watch faces that go from a place on earth or  Mickey Mouse dancing watch face.


Apple iWatch - Specs and What The World Think of It


The iWatch will also sync with your iPhone so you can see notifications thanks to the GPS feature you can see position information. The Apple Watch also has Siri Voice Control you can easily interact with your Apple Watch. Thanks to the sensors the Apple Watch will know when you are going to look at it and will turn on immediately.


Apple iWatch - Specs and What The World Think of It


Another feature that I think is great is that it will vibrate if it detects that you haven´t moved in an hour so you can get up and stretch a little. The Apple Watch will launch in early 2015 and will be priced at US$349 but it is not known which markets are going to receive it first. The premium watches are expected to have a much higher price tag but all we can do for now is wait it out. Times are tough and we need to think if we are better of with or without one. I am better off without one, and you?

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