Apple Presents iOS 7 with Some Great New Features

Today was  Apple´s big day and they presented some things users have been asking for a long time.

Good news for Apple user since Apple has finally spilled everything it had on iOS 7 and what they had to say was what users have been wanting to hear for some time now. Apple mentioned Control Center, this is the new swipe-up menu that allows us to have quick access to commonly used functions. It allows us to control our music, and toggle airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight, brightness, and more.

Apple Presents iOS 7 with Some Great New Features1

Multitasking has also received some changes since it now features support for all apps, and not only the limited services or stock apps that earlier versions of iOS were constricted by. The Apps are also updated in the background (does not affect the battery life) — and there are smart features that update certain apps during the day or when there is stronger wireless coverage. You are also going to notice that Push notifications trigger apps to update without bothering you, that way apps always have the latest and that way you don´t have to refresh when you open.

Safari has some new things to show off such as an gesture-based navigation, improved full-screen browsing, and a new flipping card tab overview. You will also see that the search bar is not there anymore and the address bar allows you to perform searches. Safari for iOS now supports Apple’s new iCloud Keychain, which syncs passwords and credit card information across devices. Another new feature is AirDrop and with this new feature you will be able to share content with other iOS users through the Control Center. You can also share with other users that are close by, and it also tells you who you can send content to right within Control Center.

The camera now has an improved UI, square photo framing, and new filters. The Photos app, features the same flat redesign as other stock apps. Your photos will now be more organized since Photos’s new Moments feature organizes images by location and time, and it even gives you an overview of all of the pictures of a particular year. You will also see gesture-based pop-up previews of images that you make appear by sliding your finger across the grid of images. There is also video sharing through iCloud, too.

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