Apple VS Adobe – All Out War Over Flash-less iPad

Apple explains the lack of flash on their iPad and Adobe expresses their unhappiness towards the flash-less iPad.

I think we were all surprised to hear at Apple’s January 27th event that their latest creation did not have flash. That obviously made a lot of people unhappy and not leaving behind Adobe, that probably had their jaws on the floor from the disbelief. After the surprise phase had passed, the anger started to set in at Adobe and they just could not understand why Apple’s latest creation would not support Flash.

Adobe and Apple are in an All out war over the lack of support for Adobe Flash in the iPhone operating system, that is in the newly presented iPad. Apple has explained that the reason that they did not include Flash was because Flash is responsible for more crash reports from Mac OS X, which does support it, than any other application. Adobe says something else, they say that Apple is foolishly failing to support a de facto standard for rich media content and depriving its customers of access to many vital websites.

Apple says one thing and Adobe say another but why is Apple so calm about not  including Flash besides the previously mentioned? Well, because Apple says that new web standards like HTML5 and H.264 video will gradually make Flash unnecessary.

Apple has not said anything about if they will finally add flash to the iPad but that is sure some ting Adobe wants. Guess we are just going to have to wait and see what happens.

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