Apple will Hold Two Special Events for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

Finally, Apple will hold two separate events, one for the iPhone 5 and the other for the iPad Mini.

The iPhone 5 has been on our minds even since the iPhone 4 S was presented and sure enough when Apple presents the iPhone 5, a minute later we will be wondering what the iPhone after that on is going to be featuring. But for now, all our attention is on the iPhone 5 that is set to be presented in September and we hope that nothing comes up that will delay the launch of the iPhone 5.

At first rumors we saying that Apple was going to present the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini at the same event but that doesn’t sound like Apple making two of their main devices go up against each other like that and of course with this new information, that rumors obviously turned out to be false. So far the iPhone 5 is going to be presented in September and we can expect Apple to hold the second event in October for the iPad Mini.

So I guess we can expect for those Apple invites go out pretty soon and I just can’t wait for the iPhone to finally get here. Are you thinking about getting an iPhone 5?

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