Archos Child Pad – Tablet for Kids

Great child’s Android tablet, the Archos Child Pad. Features a real processor and has access to children’s Apps.

When the little one see’s mommy and daddy using their iPad it is completely normal that a child copies what their parents are doing. If you are not to happy with giving your child your iPad to play with then how about something like the Archos Child Pad Tablet. As you can see it is a tablet but especially made for kids.

Archos Child Pad

Your child will get to know the digital world with some interesting specs such as a 1 GHz processor, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 7” display, and there is also a Kids App Store, powered by AppsLib that is a library with about 10,000 apps ranging from education to entertainment. There are also 28 of the most popular apps with kids preloaded, including, of course, Angry Birds.

You willl also be happy to know that the Child Pad is CIPA and COPPA compliant, with parental controls and a web filter powered by Editions Profil, one of the highest rated web filters in the world. If you would like to get one for your little one then it is going to be available at the end of March, and will sell for $129.

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