The best series that have said goodbye in 2017

2017 is coming to an end and nothing better than a retrospective to remember the best series that have left us this year.

One of the acts that has become very popular among the fans of the series in recent years is the “binge-watching”, the famous marathon. And of course, nothing better than enjoying the holidays year-end to make that marathon series that have already finished, so we can enjoy every episode of the way we want to without having to wait for hiatus and the like.

This year, 2017 was the year that had the premieres of content on the TV (and streaming), and if we add all of these firsts, it goes from 500 new series. Many procedural, and many of those cancelled without even to make some noise, and almost anything that can truly be called innovative.

Well, the list to follow is a great way of you that like to do marathons and watch series good, spend good hours with a guarantee of quality, while not popcorn, the list of Emmy and other awards to make sure that the new series to start keeping track of:

The Leftovers (HBO) 2014 – 2017

Synopsis: When 2% of the population disappear abruptly, and without explanation, the world struggles to understand and accept what happened. This will have been the rapture of the bible, taking true christians to God in the end times? Or a supernatural event simply inexplicable? Three years after this traumatic event, we follow the life of one who was left behind, the “leftovers”.

Who should attend? For any series maniac and mainly for enthusiasts of drama, The Leftovers is the epitome of the series. Having 3 short seasons, with each succeeding quality from one to the other, it is complicated not to say that it is the best series of the decade.

Available on: HBO Go and demand 1 day and 4h.

Kingdom (Audience Network) 2014 – 2017

Synopsis: Alvey Kulina is a legend of MMA, who now runs a training academy for new names of the fight. He has two children: the youngest, Nate, a professional wrestler and the greatest hope of the family, and the eldest, Jay, was already a great fighter, but today it is quite problematic.

In addition to facing financial problems to keep the gym, Alvey must deal with family issues heavy, while you try to hit your bets of new names that can make success in the field.

Who should attend? Kingdom, despite having a thematic niche (MMA – and by the way, is filled with references and shares the love for the sport), he can break that barrier and be a great series and keep a high quality throughout all of its 3 seasons. Fans of dramas “heavy” can’t let this pass beaten and worth the play!

Available at: Globosat+ demand 1 day and 4h,40min

Black Sails (Starz) 2014 – 2017

Synopsis: Black Sails chronicles the adventures of Captain Flint and his men, characters who appeared in the classic of the literature scottish “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Located in the second half of the EIGHTEENTH century, the attraction will show such characters 20 years before the events narrated in the book.
The story begins with Flint, the most brilliant and feared captain-pirate of his time, capturing the most new member for your ship: John Silver, a young man with a sharp tongue who has stolen a map to a treasure of Spanish that Flint is the search.

Who should attend? Black Sails is a series that follows the successful recipe of Starz, excellent dialogues, gripping story, lots of sex and violence. for those who are looking for a drama unique and well built as a few, definitely need to go after Black Sails.

Available at: All the seasons on the FOX Play and broadcasts on channels FOX Premium 1 and 2, and the first 3 seasons are also on Netflix. Demand: 1 day and 14h

SKAM (NRK) 2015 – 2017

Synopsis: SKAM tells the story of high school students from Hartvig Nissens, in Oslo, its problems, scandals and everyday life of a real mode and not pretentious. Each season is focused on one character. The first season follows the lives of Eva Kviig Mohn. The second season comes with Noora Amalie Sætre. The third season follows Isak Valtersen. The fourth and final season of the series follows Sana

Who should attend? For those who enjoy series teenage, SKAM is a full plate, especially with 2 differential series teens (which usually comes from the CW) american, which are: Retratas important issues in a coherent manner and has a language that speaks of raw with the target audience, serving almost as a mirror of reality. It really is a series that has become a landmark within the sub-genre.

Text about the series HERE

Available at: Unfortunately, nowhere officially. Demand: 18h20min

Man Seeking Woman (FXX) 2015 – 2017

Synopsis: In Man Seeking Woman, followed the journey of Josh Greenberg, a young man at the age of 20 years who seeks the love of his life. In this quest, he meets the girls with whom it is for just one night, passing through the experience of an encounter with a troll and still makes a trip back in time! Is this the same: fantastic elements give the tone of this series.

Who should attend? Man Seeking Woman is the kind of “dramedia” will of the situations absurd to boot laughter to moments of reflection and critique of how we relate to others, especially in the sense of love. Who is behind a series of quick, lightweight and that can make you think about another angle about goals imposed by society, you will have a great reason to take a chance on MSW, especially if you are in the house of 19-20, and a few years.

Where it is available? The series was broadcast by the channel FX, and (probably) has on the FOX Play. Demand: 11: 30

Bates Motel (A&E), 2013 – 2017

Synopsis: Bates Motel is based on the classic film Psycho (1960) Alfred Hitchcock, which had as its inspiration the story of the same name written by Robert Bloch in 1959. Bring in your plot the beginning of the story of Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) and his conflicted relationship with his mother, Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga). Conflicts, and many of the mysteries near to the town of White Pine Bay.

Who should attend? For those who like to follow good development of the characters and actions of weight, will be a delight to follow the journey of Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga. Bates Motel to the side of Hannibal, are by far the best adaptations of movies to the big screen and beyond

Available in: Full on Netflix, and was broadcast by A&E. Demand 1 day, 11h50min

Bloodline (Netflix) 2014 – 2017

Synopsis: Bloodline explores the ghosts beneath the surface of an average american family. The Rayburn worked very hard to win his place in the society of the city where they live. When the black sheep gets to celebrate the 45 years of the hotel’s family and threatens to reveal certain secrets, his brothers are taken to the limit of loyalty.

Who should attend? Unfortunately Bloodline was unable to maintain consistency during his last season, but still, his first season was one of the best of 2014 and a few Original series Netflix can be as good as Bloodline. Is a drama dense and it can even seem slow, but in the end you are rewarded.

Available on: Netflix. Demand: 1 day and 9h

Orphan Black (Space) 2014 – 2017

Synopsis:a Series of canadian that follows the lives of Sarah, an orphan who was raised on the streets. After witnessing the suicide of a woman very like her, Sarah decides to assume her identity. The deceased was a detective of the police that operates in the department of internal affairs. Living your life, Sarah discovers that she and the deceased are, in fact, clones that are undergoing a phase of extermination after concluding that the experiment was a success.

Who should attend? Orphan Black was in fact not a series that managed to hold its quality for all the seasons, but you will get the perfect blend in the thriller and sci-fi, being a series exciting even in its best days.

Available in: Full on Netflix. Demand: 1 day, 11h50min

These 8 series listed above were not the only ones that had ended in 2017, however, were the series that I followed and that deserve, in my view, the other a space in your heart to seriador. Therefore, to end the post, here’s the honorable mention of series that were acclaimed by audiences and critics, and that will be missed for a lot of people:

The Vampire Diaries (CW) – 8 seasons.
Bones (FOX) – 12 seasons.
Grimm (NBC) – 6 seasons.
Workaholics (Comedy Central) – 7 seasons.
Girls (HBO) – the 5 seasons.
Vice Principals (HBO) – 2 seasons
Reign (CW) – 5 seasons.
Pretty Litlle Liars (Freeform) – 7 seasons.
Teen Wolf (MTV) – 6 seasons.
Turn: traveled through’s Spies (AMC) – the 4 seasons.
The Strain (FX) – the 4 seasons.
Halt and Catch Fira (AMC) – the 4 seasons.
Longmire (Netlix) – 6 seasons.

And for you, it lacked some series here in the list? And which series had the best ending? Leave your comments below to let us discuss about.

All synopsis have been taken from the websites: Bank of series and My series. Images taken from