Ashampoo Photo Mailer

If you Download Ashampoo Photo Mailer, sending pictures via eMail will be a lot easier than before.

Before being able to send pictures via eMail, we had no other choice but to print them out and send then through the postal service. Sure it look forever for the pictures to get to its destination but the good things was that there was no restrictions as to how many pictures we could send and they could be as big as we wanted. That´s what we get when we download and use Ashampoo Photo Mailer.


Photo Mailer Ashampoo


With Photo Mailer from Ashampoo users don´t have to worry about quantity or size constraints and can also choose between 4 levels of quality based on a single slider control. Something else you are going to love about Photo Mailer is that it features a self-explanatory and intuitive user interface, which is great for new users.

In order to set up your eMails accounts, the photo software is only going to need an eMail address, a name and a password. The software obviously features an address book where you can easily add and edit all the contact you want.


Photo Mailer


Download Ashampoo Photo Mailer

If you have decided that you want to give this easy to use photo software a try, remember that your computer is going to need to meet some requirements. Your computer will need to have Windows Vista, XP, 7 or 8 and will need to have a graphic adapter that has a minimum resolution of 1024 x 256MB.

The CPU will have to be 2,0 GHz or higher and your computer will have to have a RAM and disk space of 512MB RAM.

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