An Atlanta Women Says that She is Siri

Susan Bennett says that she is the voice behind Siri but so far there is no confirmation from Apple.

If you have ever wondered who was behind the voice of Siri, looks like your wondering days are over since an Atlanta women says that she is the voice behind Siri. Her name is Susan Bennett and she said that when she first heard her voice on an iPhone, that it was a little creepy. She did say that she is use to hearing her voice in airport announcements but she is going to need some time to get use to hearing her voice on something you can interact with. Bennett said that in July of 2005, she spend about 4 hours a day for the entire month recording but she was not sure what her voice was going to be used for.

She has done pat recordings for GPS devices, loud speaker announcements and even phone messages. Susan was even the voice for the first ATM Machine for First National Bank. Apple has not confirmed that Bennett is Siri but there are legal authorities that say that she is Siri. In order to me completely sure, an audio forensics expert with 30 years of experience was hired and he said that he is 100% sure that Susan Bennett is Siri. It makes sense that Apple has not said anything since they were not the ones that hired her since Siri was created by SRI International, then it was spun out in 2007. Apple didn´t get Siri until 2010 and by then Bennett´s voice had long been recorded.

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