AT&T To Buy T-Mobile for 39 Billion Dollars – Pros and Cons

AT&T wants to buy out T-Mobile for an incredible 39 billion dollars and the deal could be sealed in a year.

Just in case you haven’t heard AT&T has made a deal to buy T-Mobile for an amazing US$39 Billion dollars. Good grief that is a lot of money, at least for us working folks it is but what will happen to customers of T-Mobile if these deal pulls through and becomes official? Is this merger something we want to see happen? The deal is set to close in a year and in a year a lot can happen, so what are we looking at if this really happens?

Pros of AT&T and T-Mobile Merger:

When these kind of things happen there is always something good in it and if this merger happens there are things that will cause us to smile, like what? T-Mobile customers are going to have a larger variety of smartphone and have access to exclusive smartphone that AT&T does. Something else that T-Mobile customers are going to love is that they will enjoy better coverage.  When you before got poor coverage, now it will be a lot better. Another plus is going to be Wider rural broadband coverage, AT&T has plans to spend US$8 Billion to cover rural areas. So if you have T-Mobile and have bad coverage because you live in a rural area, the merger is good for you.

Cons of AT&T and T-Mobile Merger:

The bad things for T-Mobile customers if this deal goes through is going to be a higher cell phone bill and the way the economy is that is obviously not a good thing. There will be less pricing pland you can kiss unlimited plans good-bye since AT&T doesn’t offer those anymore unlike T-Mobile that does offer a US$30 unlimited plans for smartphones. AT&T has stated that prices have fallen in the past with mergers but I have to see it with this merger to believe it. Google also has reasons to worry about this merger since with T-Mobile out of the way, AT&T could impose that they also decide what Apps are going to be used in the smartphones. Something that Google is not going to like.

At the end the merger is not a very good idea because, well… get all the pros that I have mentioned earlier but it is of no use to you if you can’t afford it. AT&T can offer you all the jewels in the world if if the price is to high for consumers then what good is it for one. The ones that are going to really feel the merger in a bad way are T-Mobile customers. Are you a T-Mobile customer? If so, what do you think about the merger, is it a good idea?

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