AT&T Wants to Discontinue HTC First. the First Smartphone with Facebook Home

Looks like the same for the HTC First smartphone are not what the company thought they would be and now considers discontinuing the smartphone.

When it was announced that the HTC First was going to be the first smartphone with Facebook Home, we were all very excited to get our hands on the smartphone. But the ¨end¨ for the smartphone came when Facebook Home started to roll out to other smartphones and the HTC First was not as attractive as it once was. When Facebook Home was not so exclusive, Sales for the HTC First suffered a lot and that resulted in AT&T offering the smartphone for $.99 with a two-year contract.

Sales for the HTC First have been so bad that since it was officially launched last month, a few less than 15,000 haven been sold through last week. It these horrible numbers continue, AT&T will discontinue the sale of the smartphone and return the remaining smartphones to HTC. We still have to wait and see if this is true but all we can do it wait for the confirmation.

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