Backup Your Files with Todo Backup Technician 8.0

Download Todo Backup Technician 8.0 and enjoy the new backup technology from EaseUS.

You can bet that with the new year there will be new attacks to our computers and that is why it is a good idea to always have our files backed up. Download Todo Backup Technician 8.0 and enjoy new backup technology and you can even exclude certain files from backup. That way you will be able to save space in the storage archive.


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In this new version of Todo Backup Technician you can create WinPE bootable media without installing AIK/WAIK and completely recover your entire operating system. The backup benefits you get with this software is System backup, Disk imaging, Exchange backup, Schedule backup, Unattended backup and File backup that allows you to choose which files you want to backup.

Todo Backup Technician 8.0 not only lets you back up your files, but you can also quickly recover your entire Windows system backup. The special benefits you get from downloading this back-up and recovery software is Migration and clone, Virtualization support, Backup management, Browse image file and it is compatible with GPT/UEFI.

Download Todo Backup Technician 8.0

You can download the 30 day free trial right now if you end up liking the software, it will set you back $799.20. You can download it from the company┬┤s official website ( The software is compatible with Windows and even supports Windows 8.1

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