BeautyPlus – On-Line Photo Editor for Girls

Finally, a web app made especially for the gals in the tech world, BeautyPlus.

When it comes to photo editors on-line, there maybe quite a few to choose from but it looks like BeautyPlus was made especially for the ladies. First, the site can´t be any pinker and there is also a feature (that is my personal favorite) that can make us look slimmer. If you think that you face looks too round in a pic, you can use that feature to give you head the form you want it to have.  I just might take a few centimeters off my waist line, he he.

BeautyPlus covers all the areas you might want to edit in a picture. There a tab where you can enlarge your eyes and one where you can even smooth out your skin. So if you just can´t stand that scar you might have on your face, you can smooth it out with this feature. The web app also has a feature where you can even whiten your teeth if they are not as white as you would like them to be and you can also add some lip tint.

On the skin tab, you can either make your skin whiter (just in case you went to the beach and are as red as a tomato), and you can also smooth out blemishes.  You also have the option to use some blush and make your skin as smooth as you want it to be. In the eye tab, you can either make your eyes bigger, add mascara, red eye removal and even change your eye color. If you want, you can even add effects to your pic such as turning it into a black and white photo.

BeautyPlus is also a social web app since it also gives you the option to share your edited photos on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. There is even a small section where you can even write a small description of the picture. Enjoy the App!

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