Benq LCD Monitors G2222HDL and G2420HDBL

The Benq G2222HDL and G2420HDBL are the latest LCD monitors to come out of the Benq factory. Latest computer monitors.

If you want your next LCD monitor to be elegant and reliable then how about the new monitors that Benq is going to launch. They are the models G2222HDL and G2420HDBL that are sure to catch your attention. The 2 monitors have exactly the same features ans the only difference that you are going to find in them is that one has more inches than the other.

Specifications for the LCD Monitors Benq G2222HDL and G2420HDBL

As I mentioned earlier that the Benq Monitors G2222HDL ( 21.5-inch ) and G2420HDBL ( 24-inch ) has exactly the same features that include a 1,000:1 contrast ratio (5,000,000:1 DCR), a glossy black frame and a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a TN panel, a 5ms response time, a brightness of 250 cd/m2, and both D-Sub and DVI connectors.

Price and Availability for the LDC Monitors Benq G2222HDL and G2420HDBL

If you think that these are the monitors for you then they should be available within a week if all goes well and the G2222HDL models is going to set you back UD$212,32 and the G2420HDBL is going to cost you UD$240,83.

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