Best Buy Denies Tension With Apple

Best by has finally given a statement to the rumors about there being tension between Apple and Best Buy.

You have probably heard that Best Buy was holding back on selling the iPad 2’s and many thought there was tension brewing between the two but Best has responded to the rumors and has said that there is no tension and that the reason that they have held back on selling the tablets is because of an upcoming promotion. Best Buy has said that are still receiving iPad 2’s and they are giving those to customers who had reserved them.

“Our stores have been asked to temporarily hold non-reserved iPad 2 inventory for an upcoming promotion. This is a customary practice for us when there are supply constraints. Best Buy enjoys a great partnership with Apple, and we’re delighted by customer response to iPad 2.”

It was once thought that Apple was not to happy with Best Buy and it had to do with the policy that the sale of iPad 2 had to stop when the store would meet a certain quota.  I guess we just have to wait and see what this promotion is exactly and what it consists of.


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