Black Labrador Rescues 2 Dogs Stranded on a Canoe

Watch how a black Labrador rescues his 2 buddies that were stuck on a canoe that was floating down a rushing river.

I have two golden labs and I can assure you that they never seize to amaze me on how smart labs and dogs in general are. My labs have never done anything like this black lab that puts his life in danger in order to save his two buddies that were stuck on a canoe. In the video you can hear the two dogs barking for help (at least that what I think the barks meant. he he) and how the black labs throws himself into the water to pull his buddies to safety.

At first you can see how Robbie The Black Lab has a hard time getting to the canoe because of the strong current by after a lot of fighting he finally gets there. Robbie was able to grab a rope that was hanging from the canoe and pull his friends to safety. When they are close to ground, it looks like the canoe is going to tip over but thank god it didn´t.

It may not be the most popular video on YouTube but it sure makes you proud to be  lab owner like me. What is the most incredible thing you lab has done?

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